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Creation of Your Product in Mass Scale

Whether you're selling products on Etsy or a large corporation, we assist with mass production by offering product manufacturing and upholstery supplies in Sacramento, California. Dry Creek Upholstery Company is highly rated for our top level of customer satisfaction proven time and time again. If we are unable to manufacture your item, we will find someone who can.

Large-Volume Production

Our friendly team loves manufacturing and meeting the needs of your customer base to make them and you happy. Partnering with fellow upholsterers and knowledgeable designers, we guarantee to produce hundreds of your products in one month to save you money. Call to inquire about bulk-pricing discounts.

Product Design Consulting

We work together on brainstorming ideas and drawing out plans for the product you want to create. Our complimentary 30-minute consultation includes discussing your specific needs and going over how to design and manufacture the item. For example, the military needed equipment bags they could not find at local stores. They commissioned us to make custom bags for them because of our great reputation for high-quality products that last. From the initial concept to shipping and supply chains, Dry Creek Upholstery Company is here to help your small business grow and fulfill demands. Contact us for a free estimate.

Upholstery Supplies from Multiple Vendors

If you do not require our creative services, we take pride in selling the same materials we use for upholstering and repairs, such as foam, fabric, thread, staples, hardware, and replenishable items. This is primarily for businesses from San Francisco to Sacramento requesting wholesale orders. We also print law labels and hang tags.

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